July 12, 2005

Free Lead generating self-replicating Search Engine

Imagine getting a new prospect any time someone uses your directory.
Chaos theory combined with viral technology makes this a leading edge traffic portal.

This site can easily become a massive verified lead generator for free. It is self replicating, comes with live training and runs on over 200 servers. This technology is exclusive to Inetekk the inventors of Veretekk.

Veretekk is 10 years ahead of any type of lead generating and lead system on the Internet today. If you want your own Webcatch system it is free. If you want a portfolio of lead generators like Webcatch then you need to join Veretekk.

Inetekk has been building lead and marketing systems on the Internet since 1998. Inetekk was created by Thomas Prendergast, Mike Darling and Jeff Balmeo. With a combined expertise that started when the Internet was born in 1991, these 3 guys represent over 200,000 hours of Internet and computer technology and have set the standard for Internet marketing.

Developers of the first and only double opt in, verified and 3rd party verifiability email systems, Inetekk forged the only secure privacy based email system on the Internet. Inventors of the first online application, first self replicating website and first self replicating PDF ebooks, this company has been destined to empower the little guy from it's very inception.

You have everything to gain subscribing for free. Make sure you also join the affiliate program found at www.barefootmentor.veretekk.com.

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