January 25, 2018

Brendon Burchard: 6 Habits of Highly Successful People

Where had this guy been all my life?

Brendon talks about the world's largest study done on "High Performance Habits"... I found another video of an interview Marie Forleo did of Brendon where he goes into a little bit of the science and background that will help you to understand the importance of the information.

Here is the nitty gritty of his well researched book. (my notes from his live presentation)

6 Habits of Highly Successful People

SEEK CLARITY - Have you scheduled your learning? Chart it out - What will bring you meaning. Real transformation always seeks clarity. Oprah asks, "What's our intention for this meeting"
GENERATE ENERGY - Mental Energy, Emotional Energy, Physical Energy - Top 15% of the Top 15% are 40% more likely to work out regularly - You must generate the energy you want to experience - Be responsible for the energy you bring to this space! - Get Plenty of sleep - Every morning ask: What can I be excited about? What might trip me up? Figure out how to respond to it Who can I surprise today?
RAISE NECESSITY - Find someone or something to fight for. A duty, mission, purpose - It's necessary to succeed
INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY - Win the morning win the day - What must happen today. Income Producing Activities - Be prolific at what is unique for you to stand out
DEVELOP INFLUENCE - Challenge people to be better versions of themselves - Help people get what they want
DEMONSTRATE COURAGE -High performers speak up for other people - Pull people up - Listen through the Fear - Help people listen through the fear - Go Earn it!

June 26, 2017

5 Steps for Cracking the Code on Social Media

Finally the heavy weight trainers are starting to see the light on using technology to grow businesses.

This is sooo exciting, because of the impact they can make to clean up the industry as a whole.
I can't tell you how many times I've had to "unfollow" a friend who just got started in the latest greatest thing!!!

 If you are in social marketing take the time to listen and plug into the webinar.

Whew I feel better just knowing you have access to this educational information from a 3rd party.

Now for a quick tip to wet your whistle before Wednesday, June 28th.

~Using Text Messages to Prospect~
You can use texts to prospect. Just remember, the goal is to set up a meeting so that you can sit down with them face to face. (or the Zoom Chat)

 So, here are few ways you can do that:

Invite them to coffee – Don’t even mention anything about the opportunity, just see if they want to meet and catch up. If distance is a problem, ask for something like a Skype call/Zoom Chat.

Ask for their help – This works well for family and close friends. Tell them you are working towards a goal or getting started on a project and was wondering if they could help by trying out the product and letting you know what they think. Then ask to meet and discuss it further.

P,S. Zoom Chat is my favorite way to communicate online. To check it out go to Zoom.us and get your own free chat platform. OR even better set up a time to join me in my Zoom http://zoom.barefootu.com

May 05, 2016

Many Facebook Post Ideas that practically Guarantee Engagement

Many of us have been utilizing the world wide web to communicate and grow our businesses for many years now. It's no secret social media is better than ever before to engage, educate, communicate and grow our businesses. As social media continues to grow in popularity our messages are also harder to stand out from the crowd.

So the other day in the mail I got this post (printed and mailled) to me.

What a concept right? Does this mean we all should go back to snail mail. No not at all, but it's another way of getting our message out.

I was very impressed with the list Arron Lee put together, (and I might add all the time and effort he took to write it) I felt it was very share worthy of this blog.

#10 was probably the best tip, in my eyes at least. How many times do you see the new business owner jumping into social networks and blasting out their companies products and how good they out of the gate. Those of us who have been around awhile call this puking up all over or fire hosing. All of a sudden they have become someone we would wish on our worst enemy.

As my leadership team continues to grow, Just know we will always have room for you to create you future with us also.

If you are tired of the rug getting pulled out from under you or the company not living up to promises it's time we had a heart to heart visit.

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